Top Six Fat Burning Foods You Should Never Miss on Your Diet


fat burning foods


Certain foods can speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight over time. By incorporating fat burning foods in your diet, you are able to lose weight, stay fit, stop food cravings and stay full. These foods not only helps to jump start your metabolism but also keeps your blood sugar from fluctuating.

Recommended list of fat burning foods

Whether you are reducing the amount of fat in your body to achieve a toner look or just to feel better about yourself, the foods below can help you reach your goals. The main objective is to help your body burn up the excessive stored fat.


Vegetables contain natural soluble and insoluble fiber that forms a gel in the digestive track when consumed. The gel keeps you full for a long time and will generally require energy to be digested. List of vegetables rich in soluble fiber include tomatoes, carrots, eggplant, broccoli and celery. Vegetable with insoluble fiber include green beans, legumes, kales, spinach and cabbage.

Dairy products:

Dairy products such as yogurt and low-fat milk contain calcium that triggers metabolism. People who consume dairy products regularly lose twice as much weight as dieters who consume less dairy products.

Green tea:

Caffeine can speed up heart rate making the body burn more calories. Green tea contains EGCG chemical that cause the nervous system and the brain to run more quickly and this helps the body to burn more calories. Combine caffeine with green tea for better results.

Other foods:

Other fat burning foods include oatmeal, chicken breast, apple, apricots, fish, grapefruits and yams.


If you eat fat burning foods and add a good workout program to your diet, you will not only boost your metabolism but also burn calories much faster after your exercise session. Eating these foods will also help you increase your muscles as well as feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror.


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