Did Monique have Weight Loss Surgery? The Controversy Continues amid Her Denia


did monique have weight loss-surgery

Did Monique have weight loss surgery? This has been the question of much heated debate over the past few weeks, and it does not appear that the debate will be ending any time soon. Many different people have expressed their views and opinions, but when it comes right down to it there is only one person who really knows what the truth of the matter is. Despite all of the rumors and accusations, Monique has repeatedly, and emphatically, denied that she has gone through gastric bypass surgery. She has claimed her weight loss has been accomplished through a diet and exercise program, and has reportedly tweeted about her workouts daily since beginning her journey of losing weight. Surgery or no surgery, there is no doubt the she has undergone significant change, and that her weight loss has transformed her physical appearance. There is no uncertainty that is has also improved her overall health either.

Websites report Monique is recovering from surgery:

Of course, there would not be any controversy without the internet to stir things up, but this subject has brought much attention to Monique. If it were not for her speaking out and being a supporter for the size acceptance movement, no one would have probably cared about the possibility of her having gastro bypass surgery. There is plenty of buzz going on about it though, and websites such as Media take Out have been reported as saying that their sources state that the “full-figured funny girl may have undergone gastric bypass surgery.” Other websites claiming she may have had surgery include missXpose.com, and Dietsforwomenz.com. Although none of them were willing to put their necks and reputations on the line and just come right out and say she had gone through with the surgery.

Other websites claim that the surgery is nothing but rumor:

What fun would it be if everyone was saying the same thing? As is commonplace on the web, where one person is saying this there has to be someone else saying just the opposite. When it comes to Monique’s gastro bypass surgery, there certainly are plenty of sites claiming just the opposite? Mass Appeal News reports that in an interview with Monique, she claims that it has not been a sudden drop in weight, but instead it has been a three-year journey resulting in the dramatic weight loss. Just like the sites that are promoting the rumors of surgery, there are just as many reporting that she has used a natural weight loss program. She also speaks out against surgery, and the use of diet pills in the interview.

Mixed Responses about Monique having Weight Loss Surgery

Monique has developed a large following from her BET show, FAT Chance. Many are saying that she is giving a mixed message concerning the plus sized community that she has so for so long supported. Many are also speaking out about the possibility of using the surgery as a method of weight loss. The consensus seems to be that surgery is a valid option if it is medically needed, but when used solely for the purpose of weight loss people seem to frown on it. Those involved in the size acceptance movement seem to be especially concerned about her having surgery, and the message that would portray to them and the rest of the world. Many are also questioning her ability to continue to be an advocate for that community.

Question Arise about Monique’s Ability to Represent the Size Acceptance Movement

Whether or not her weight loss was the product of gastric bypass surgery or not, many people are concerned about Monique’s ability to represent the size acceptance movement. It is obvious that she now has a much slimmer appearance, but does it really prevent her to be a representative of the plus sized community? No matter what, she spent many years of her life being plus sized, and now that she is much slimmer it does not take away the years of her life she was plus sized. With having a high public profile, who else could better speak on their behalf. She has already used her popular program as a way to promote issues concerning the plus sized, so now that she is slimmer it does not take away from her ability to speak on their behalf.

Did Monique Have Weight Loss Surgery?

Monique has spoken out several times saying that she definitely did not have the bypass surgery. The truth is that she has condemned the use of any type of surgery or pill for the sole purpose of losing weight. If the surgery is needed for medical reasons, then she is by all means in favor of having the procedure done. By looking at her Twitter page, you will see tweet after tweet about her daily exercise routine. Instead of pounding her with accusations of surgery, the media and internet should be applauding her for her success of losing weight. It has been a three-year battle that she has passionately committed to, and she should be praised for her success. Monique should be an inspiration for any woman who desires to follow in her footsteps, and find a new slimmer and healthier body.

Did Monique have weight loss surgery? Whether or not Monique has had gastric bypass surgery, it would have been a personal choice that only she could make. Even with the rumors flying around that she did indeed have the operation causing her dramatic weight loss, it by no means would prevent her from continuing to be an advocate for the plus sized community. By following her daily tweets, you can see that she has dedicated much time and effort into transforming her body to the figure she now has. Not only can she now represent the plus sized population, but also she can be an inspiration to anyone wanting to take the challenge of weight loss. It takes a lot of courage to accept such a challenge, and it stands as a testament to her character. So you have to ask; does it matter if Monique had weight loss surgery?


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